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Paul Cunningham

Cooking at Henne Kirkeby Kro. Chef & Wanderer, proud author & photographer. Born in Essex, England 1969. Schooled and trained as chef at various British restaurants and country house hotels. Then he met Lene, a beautiful Danish girl, and moved with her to Korsør, Denmark in 1994. Worked at Søllerød Kro, Formel B, Coquus, co-owner of The Paul - Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen - and since 2012 head chef at Henne Kirkeby Kro.

Got a star in Michelin Guide Rouge in 2003-2011 at The Paul, and a star in 2016 and two stars in 2017 at Henne Kirkeby Kro. Paul was with us in 2016 and we are looking forward to welcome him back this September!


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Pierre Koffman

Pierre Koffmann is one of the most influential chefs to work in Britain in the last half century. He made his name at the Roux brothers’ Riverside Inn at Bray, then at his own restaurant, La Tante Claire in Chelsea. There he in 1983 became the second chef in Britain to be awarded three Michelin stars, making him one of only three chefs in the United Kingdom to achieve such an accolade. The number of Britain’s top chefs who have trained under Pierre Koffmann is incredible – Tom Aikens, Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White, Marcus Wareing, Bruno Loubet, Tom Kitchin, Jason Atherton, to name but a few. His protégés have now amassed more than 20 Michelin stars between them.


Magnus Ek

Magnus Ek is the executive chef and owner of Sweden’s 2 Michelin starred “Oaxen Krog” and also the Bib Gourmand awarded “The Slip”. He has authored and contributed to a number of cookbooks, been a member of the Swedish national culinary team and lectured at the University of Umeå, Sweden.

Oaxen Krog has garnered multiple awards during it’s previous lifetime on an island in the archipelago between 1994 and 2011 –  including a listing on the 50 Best Restaurants of the World 5 times in a row and 5 times named Sweden’s Best Restaurant by the White Guide – and continues to do so today at its new home in Stockholm, where it reopened in 2013.


Luciana Bianchi

Luciana Bianchi is an Italian–Brazilian chef and food writer with a background in Molecular Science. She has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants, cooked for celebrities, interviewed many of the renowned international chefs, and has published work in 25 countries. She is a member of the Guild of Food Writers UK, a contributor to the website of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, a writer of the Italian International Food Guide, Identità Golose, a columnist of the Portuguese magazine Inter, and an Associate Lecturer at the Basque Culinary Center and at the University of Gastronomic Sciences(UNISG). Her most recent research project is on the Galapagos Islands. www.luciana-bianchi.com  


Eyvind Hellstrøm

Eyvind Hellstrøm is an award winning Norwegian chef. He ran restaurant Bagatelle in Oslo from 1982-2009, which was the first restaurant in Norway to be awarded 2 Michelin stars. He is also an author of several books, and has hosted many television shows including Masterchef and a Norwegian version of Kitchen Nightmares. A mentor for many great chefs and a godfather in  Norwegian cuisine. 


Jan Hellstrøm

Jan Hellstrøm is one of the founders of the worlds northernmost whisky distillery. It is located at the remote island of Myken on the coast of Helgeland in Norway. Today they buy their malted barley from Germany, but they hope to use local barley in the future. Besides whiskey, they also produce gin. Jan is also the brother of norwegian chef Eyvind Hellstrøm who will join Jan at this year’s ArktiskMat.


Pontus Dahlström

Pontus was born in Finland and moved to Norway in 1999 to start his restaurant career. In 2000 he started as a Sommelier at Restaurant Bagatelle (former **) and worked there for 5 years, the 3 last as “chef de cave” during those years he vas also active in Sommelier competitions.

In 2006 he joined the sales team at Moestue Grape Selections, a leading Wine import company based in Oslo. For 5 years he travelled Norway and Europe. In early 2010 he started project MAAEMO together with Esben Holmboe Bang and Jon-Frede Engdahl. Restaurant MAAEMO opened late Desember 2010 and in 2012 it was the first Nordic restaurant to go from no Michelin stars to 2 Michelin stars. He now runs the restaurant “Kolonialen Bislett” with former “Maeemo” and “Kontrast” sous chef Jay Boyle in the kitchen.


Jay Boyle

Australian Jay Boyle moved to Norway in 2005. He has worked in several top restaurants and as a Sous chef at Michelin restaurants Maaemo and Kontrast.

He is now in charge of the kitchen at Kolonialen Bislett


Frida Ronge

Frida Ronge is an acclaimed chef from Gothenburg, Sweden, who has received various awards such as the prestigious “Rising Star of the Year” in White Guide and Karin Franssons mentor award in “Chef of the year” competition.  She also won silver in the world championship in “Seven Sushi Samurai” in London and is known for her Swedish/Japanese influenced food.  In 2013 she also wrote her first cookbook.

She is now head chef atrestaurant “TAK” in Stockholm


Blanch & Shock

London based Blanch & Shock do things differently. Neither a restaurant nor a caterer, but something like both, they make diverse food projects around the UK and beyond, from Edible Cinema events to exploding cakes to recreations of artistic meals served in 19070s Soho, New York. The team often collaborate with performers, designers, scientists and historians to produce dinners illustrating disparate ideas such as the four humours, Anglo-Norman food, neuroscience, or the world of Twin Peaks.



Ronny Kolvik

Ronny Kolvik has been on the Norwegian cullinary team, won a gold medall with his team in the cullinary olympics. He has worked at great restaurants such as Palace Grill, Ylajali and now the owner and head chef at Arakataka in Oslo.

Ronny and his team will prepare the dinner on Saturday

«Han Sylte»

Han Sylte is a small scale producer of pesto and marmelade made out of carrots. The firm Han Sylte AS consists of a young couple, Håvard and Mathilde.

The village of Valnesfjord are known by their fantastic carrot, and in Northern Norway Valnesfjord is known as "The carrot-village". Han Sylte are an active part of the harvesting itself as we manly use carrots that are normally given to the livestock or left on the fields - because of its shape or size. The same goes with the carrots-greens, which are the main ingredients of our Pesto. We are the only ones except maybe the livestock, that use the carrot-greens.

The farmer , Harald Stokland, is a 75 year old specialist on root vegetables, we often discribe him as a carrot-nerd. He knows everything there is to know about the carrots wants and wishes, and therefore he is thrilled about the new products of Han Sylte. He brings alot of knowledge and respect into the firm, and is also spoken of as Håvard and Mathildes latest and oldest friend.

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Chris Onions

Chris Onions has become chef-in-residence at Trill Farm after a long journey from his home on the island of Islay. After living on the farm for a year, he has now taken over the Old Dairy Kitchen as his own enterprise. 

 Chris is a classically trained chef and has worked his way through kitchens from Australia to Norway. On leaving Australia his cooking career was put on hold whilst he began to work within a social cooperative on a small farm in Sweden, offering care and training for people in need of some help. This project provided him with a new vision and vital training on how cooking and the garden can be used for rehabilitation and practical learning.


On return to the UK he took up a position as a chef and teacher on Trill’s neighboring farm, River Cottage HQ. The time spent at HQ reinforced his beliefs in working closely with the producers using ingredients grown to the highest environmental and ethical standard. 


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Josh Evans

Josh is former Lead Researcher at Nordic Food Lab, where he worked with the team to explore the edible potential of the Nordic region. He worked in particular on fermentation, wild plants, and insects, starring in the full-length documentary BUGS and publishing a book about his research with Phaidon entitled On Eating Insects.

Josh is currently a PhD student in Geography at the University of Oxford, where he is doing research on the microbial biogeography of contemporary fermentation practices.

Together with Mike and Josh of Blanch & Shock, he will be cooking dinner on Sunday evening.


Miguel Andrade

"Still in his 20’s, Miguel is called the enfant terrible of the food scene.

Food writer and researcher based in Lisbon, Portugal with impartial and on target opinions, his stories have been featured on Condé Nast, Esquire, Wired, FOOL, Omnivore World, Time Out and many others"



Skjøllberg Søndre

Skjølberg Søndre is a biodynamic / agro-organic full-circle farm run by Elin Östlund and Carl Erik Skjølberg. They work with agricultural cultures with a focus on diversity, taste, experiences and curiosity for the order of nature. Picking pure, honest vegetables and herbs with our own hands is a highlight for us as chefs, and we are highly appreciative of the knowledge Skjølberg Søndre shows us about agro-organic farming.

They work closely with restaurant Credo in Trondheim.


Halvar Ellingsen

Is a chef from Sortland in Northern Norway.

Halvar won the Norwegian Cullinary Championship (NM) in 2009, as one of the youngest winners ever. Last year he was runner up at the Norwegian «Top Chef».

He has been a member of the National team and worked at restaurants such as Bagatelle and Arakataka


Anneli Jonsson

Is the leader of Slow Food Sápmi.

She will give us innsight in the culture and food of the indigenous people of Scandinavia

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Gun Utsi /Brurskanken Rein

Is a small producer of traditional Sami reindeer produce. They use all of the reindeer, the blood, guts, head and even the skin. During ArktiskMat they will show us how the Sami people prepare food made of this delicious animal


Tomas Nilsen

Lovundkokken Tomas Nilsen

Tomas Nilsen lives on the small island of Lovund in Nothern Norway and is better known as  “The Lovund Chef”.He works as a freelance Chef where he explores the many tastes of the world. Tomas will be cooking the Saturday lunch at Arktisk Mat.