Unlike most food events, ArktiskMat is arranged by a school. Our culinary and agricultural students are very important as both participants and executors of the arrangement.

2018 was the third year that Mosjøen Videregående Skole (Mosjøen upper secondary school) have been in charge of ArktiskMat.

Through the weekend, the students have the role of hosts, assistants to guest chefs and speakers, and cooking together with other experienced chefs.  At ArktiskMat, our students and young chefs have a fantastic opportunity to learn by both doing and listening as well as engaging in discussions with leading food experts.

In a way, it is run by and for the next generation of chefs, producers and food explorers.

We also welcome students from all parts of the world. Actually, everyone that can document that they are cullinary/agricultural students will have free access to all the talks and demos during the festival!

(For more info on how to participate if you are a student, please contact us at ingtei@vgs.nfk.no)

Paul Cunningham and two inspired Padawans